Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Move over, Elephant...

Okay. So here's the deal. I typed up a WHOLE bunch of opening lines for this post and none of them were any good. So, one after another they were brought into existence and then promptly deleted.

First off, I'll address the elephant. No, I haven't posted frequently or recently. I suck. Let's move on, k? ;)

So, now that that's out of the way! How's it going, interwebs?

Me, oh I've been good :)

S & I took a LONG OVERDUE vacation ALONE at the end of the summer. We rented a beautiful cottage up north and lazed each day away. We talked (!) and laughed and were silly childless folks for a long weekend. We ate like kings every day and poked a campfire every night. We strolled through "town" with no direction and no preparation. We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted and we loved it. We listened to old tunes and reminisced about days past. We missed our little guy and we gave him tonnes of extra hugs when we returned. It was SO NICE. We agreed that we needed to do this more. We reconnected when we didn't even realize that we had disconnected. Perfect timing. :)

Then September came, and things changed & they stayed the same. J started nursery school (!) and,like the sponge he is, he's soaking it all up! He's made some buddies (!) and loves his teacher. Every night we ask him what he did today, and every time it's "Nothing." but then out of nowhere, we'll be folding laundry and he'll sing a whole song I've never heard before and he'll say "I learned that at SCHOOL!". It's awesome. HE'S awesome. We have long conversations about EVERYTHING. His desire to learn is unsatiable. And he's OH SO stubborn. Dude doesn't want to do something? Dude doesn't do it. Or dude doesn't do it HAPPILY. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where he gets it from. His father. Yeah that's it. Let's go with that. ;)

I was told I'd be starting a new SUPERAWESOME job in September, so I started training for it. And then September came and left. I was then told that I'm not quite going to be doing SUPERAWESOME job, but PRETTYBORING job mixed with SAMEOLD job. Meh, at least it's different, kinda. I get a paycheque and I don't hate it, so meh.

Everything else is pretty normal. The cat's still alive, the house is still up (we got our ducts cleaned - WOOOOOO! :P ), we're still puttering along :) Not much else to report :) Halloween is coming up, and this will be J's first door-to-door tick-or-treating extravaganza so hilarity will undoubtedly ensue... I'll be sure to report back :)

TTYS, interwebs!!!!


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