Thursday, November 11, 2010

Days off: How to screw them up

Today was the day off that never should have happened. Well, it was going to happen anyhow as my employer gives EVERYONE Remembrance Day off. But, oh dear Lord, I have to shoot lower on my expectations. FOR REALZ.

I was looking forward to today for a couple of reasons, I was going to take J to school (only got to do that once - on his first day) and we were going to have our family photo taken.

June Cleaver-ish thoughts were running through my head. "Oh, yay! I'll make pancakes for breakfast! I'll get J all ready for school, and we'll sing the whole way there! I'll wave goodbye, jet off to the mall, grab a tea and do some window shopping! YAY! Sounds like fun!"

I failed to remember how non-"Leave it to Beaver" our life actually is.

S let me sleep in, which was AWESOME, but I missed out on breakfast with J - Strike 1! When getting J ready for school he went into full meltdown mode because he couldn't get his thumb in the mitten hole, time was ticking away and dude REALLY WANTED TO PUT HIS MITTENS ON RIGHT so I hissed through my smile "Sweetheart, we really HAVE TO GO." which sent him into hysterics about how horrible the world was because he couldn't get on his mitteeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn!! But mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmm I need my mittennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns..


So I slung the screaming preschooler over my arm, frantically throwing together the order form for his school pictures with the payment ($23 for a class picture and 2 5x7's - I KNOW!!! HIGHWAY ROBBERY!), and we were off, him wailing in the back seat and me desperately counting down the time when I could get that warm tea in my hot little hands. I sailed into the classroom (J had FINALLY calmed down by this point) JUST before they locked the doors. PHEW.

Not really how I'd pictured the morning.

Speaking of pictures... What a freakin' gong show. I won't go into details but it involved us all sitting in the most AWKWARD positions imaginable, some crazy lady taking like 3 photos, and afterward, me bawling my face off in the parking lot.

"I suck at life." I wailed "I had so many awesome plans for today and they all SUCKED!"

S calmed me down, he always knows what to say. He reminded me that life's just like that - it never goes as planned, and you really have to wing it sometimes and just go with the flow. Through all my rigidity and trying to follow "the plan" for the day, I had missed so many opportunities to just enjoy my time off*

So the day ended on a better note, a wild ticklefight in our big comfy bed, a crazy splashy bath and then lots of cuddly books and warm hugs before bed.

Maybe tomorrow there will be pancakes, we'll have to wait and see.

*For those wondering, I *did* respectfully take a moment of silence at 11:11 to think about everyone who helped make our freedoms possible.

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