Friday, July 30, 2010


Yeah, okay, so I'm a blogger slacker. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? :P

I've been MEGA busy in every other aspect of my life, it's just nuts!

Let's see... What's been happening here...? Okay so here we go (in a jumbled kind of order):
  • our stove crapped out
  • we got a new stove
  • our water heater leaked all over the laundry room floor - THROUGH THE FLOOR - into our front hall closet
  • we cleaned out our closet and repaired some of the water damage
  • we got a visit from the water heater people, they said we needed custom work, bla bla bla bla...
  • we got a new water heater
  • J learned to ride a trike
  • we got a surprise visit from an old friend who will be getting married soon!
  • we all got sick
  • we all got better
  • we all got sick again
  • we're getting better
  • we started watching the new season of True Blood :)
  • we got new glasses (& i got prescription sunglasses!!!!)
  • i had a cupcake sale and raffle at work for my walk in September & raised over $400! (and ran out of cupcakes 1/2 hour after the damn bake sale started!!!!
  • we started (crazy casual) potty training, it seems to be working :)
  • i went low-carb again
  • i lost 7 pounds
  • we ate lots of cake
  • i gained 5 back
  • we bought new shoes
  • i began training for a new position i'll be starting in September!

I'm sure there's a tonne more stuff to update on, but that's it for now. There seems to be so little time to update my blog, but I'll try harder to post on a regular basis.

I truly find posting to be cathartic & fun :) I'm just a lazy ass most of the time and would rather sit on the couch, eating Sea Salt & Pepper chips and watching stupid videos on You Tube when I have a spare moment. ;)

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