Saturday, June 5, 2010

*Knock Knock* This is Reality, can I come in please?

After months of procrastinating and avoiding the issue, I finally signed up J for Nursery School this afternoon.

Honestly, I'm elated, really I am. That doesn't, however, erase the fact that after signing on the dotted line and shaking the Director's hand, I walked out to the parking lot and cried in the car.

My baby is growing up.

I looked at the little chairs at the little tables and thought "They're too tall for J, his feet will be dangling over the edge!" But then after walking around on my tour and looking closely at everything, reality sunk in. The kid is 3 feet tall, of course the chairs aren't too tall, and the sinks aren't too high, and the slide isn't too big. Everything is just his size.

This place was made for kids HIS AGE.

It hit me, HARD. The reason I had been delaying his registration (and missed 2 other registration days) wasn't because I was busy or because we didn't have the registration fee, or the paperwork... It was because I was scared to let my baby grow up. My baby is growing up. My baby is going to go to nursery school in September. And then he's going to go to ELEMENTARY school, and then high school, and he's going to get his driver's license and go on dates and drink alcohol...

That's what kids do. They grow up.

My baby... My boy is growing up.

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