Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hopefully they leave some for me

I have to make this quick (because a> I have to pee (aren't you glad I share?) b> I'm leaving here in, like, 11 minutes and c> I'm at work and supposed to be WORKING - I KNOW, how crappy is THAT, right?!)

So I'm donating blood today! My first time ever, and I gotta admit I'm a little nervous.

I had to go over the questionnaire online last night just to make sure that I didn't do anything to my blood that would make me ineligable. (I had a chocolate with tequila in it on break but didn't know there was goddamn tequila in it until my friend told me "Hey, there was tequila in that, it was good eh?" Crap. That won't disqualify me, will it?) As you might have gathered I'm a worrywart TO THE EXTREME. It pleases my friends and family so. (That was sarcasm BTW.)

So yeah, I'm O-, which is apparently a BIG DEAL since I'm a universal donor. I can give blood to anyone, but I can only receive my own type. Me and the other O-s have to look out for eachother. 7% of the population isn't all that much)

TO BE CONTINUED (after I drain both my bladder and veins... EEK!)

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  1. Yay more O-, I'm A+ so thanks for the blood!

    Kate can't donate because she lived in France for more than 6 months between 95 and 05 or something. There's a chance she has mad cow disease, I guess. Is there a chance everyone in France has mad cow? Are the only people allowed to donate under 4?

    If you've had gay sex you can never donate too. I think Health Canada is a bit over cautious.