Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So yeah, an update! Donating blood = not as bad as expected.  While I tottered like a baby deer from the chair to the cookies, it only took a few minutes of rest to get my energy back up. I'll definitely do it again, especially since I now have a person I actually made who may need that blood someday.

So let's see, what else... OH yeah, the title of my post... I've modified my Christmas objective a wee bit.  Here it is:

christmas objective 003

I started thinking about my objective. I could easily lose 15 pounds by Christmas on a crash diet. I could cut out breakfasts for a month, or just drink diet pop for a week or something like that, but I wouldn't be HEALTHY, and I want to feel good above all else. Also, I want to feel better in my clothes, so that means I need to exercise (eek) and tone up as well as lose weight.

So... my goal is to wear that dress (and be COMFORTABLE in it) by Christmas. It's a really nice dress I bought a RW&Co; over a year ago. It was reduced by 90% and they only had that size. I tried it on (when I was 10-11 pounds less than I weigh now) and it JUST fit. I figured that with the right undergarments I could pull it off, so I bought it. As I was going through my clothes recently, I found it hanging in my closet, tags still on. So I tried it on. I couldn't pull the zipper all the way up (believe me, I tried) and my stomach area looked stuffed in there. Yuk. It's technically only a size down from what I'm wearing now, but the structure of the dress doesn't allow for any extra "bulge". There is no give in the fabric, and no forgiveness in the cut. You need to be that size ALL OVER to pull it off, no "almosts" allowed ;)

So that's my new goal. And it stares at me when I wake up every morning, and watches me go to sleep every night. I've found a new conviction, and it feels GOOD!


  1. george dress! love the green and you look SOOOO good in green.

    excellent goal my deal - healthy is the only way to be


    keep it up my sista :)

  2. Soooo, it's been a few weeks, how ya feeling?

    Totally off topic - I HATE that I am digging the Metrix tune, Sick Muse ... Damn them and that catchy diddy! :)

  3. WOO HOO! I can't believe you actually LIKE a Metric song!!!! Hell hath frozen over ;) I'm feelin' good!!! I'm still fighting the good fight and striving to make healthier choices :) I just got my 30 day shred DVD in the mail this morning, and I'll be starting level one tomorrow morning :D I'm going to do one day on one day off for a few days at the start, just because I DON'T exercise and I don't want to have a heart attack! LOL! I still have my dress hanging on my closet door, and it's looking achievable at this point, so I'm TOTALLY happy :D How about you? How's vegan life going? Especially those hard decisions you were faced with (beeswax etc.)?

  4. No kidding - I thought it was a bit colder these days ... I cant believe I even admitted that - Ahhh!

    All here is good :) I too am feeling amazing and working out like a maniac - LOL Up to 3 days at the gym, about 1.5 hrs each session. I'm kicking ass and takin' names!

    I got into a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in over 2 yrs yesterday - I almost cried - LOL

    Vegan and Erin totally agree - best choice I have made in years, bar none.

    As for the moral issues, its still being pondered, but I think that once the tin of lip balm is gone then, as with everything else I am using up before replacing, that will be it for bee products.

    Sure those bitches can hurt me, but that doesn’t make me feel ok about exploiting them :)

    Started reading an amazing book –The Food Revolution by John Robbins, son of the Baskin & Robbins founder and honestly, its incredible – Highly recommended read on healthy diet and how what you eat can causes and cures disease and a ton of other stuff. http://www.foodrevolution.org/

    We're gonna rawk it out together hawt MOMMA at Christmas – CANT WAIT!!!

  5. Addendum: Is that the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred?


    Good luck and kick ass!

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