Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Being Erica

If you haven't watched this show, I highly suggest you give it a go! I wasn't 100% sold on it when I started watching it, but now that I'm into the 2nd season, I can't miss it.

You can watch it online HERE if you live in Canada, which is what I usually end up doing. Wednesday lunch hours have become MUCH more interesting :) . And honestly, it's not because I have a vested interest in CBC television's rating. I'm genuinely addicted to this show!

I'm not the only one, either... There have been a few great reviews out there, and Erin Karpluk (Erica) recently won a Gemini for "Best performance by an actress in a continuing lead dramatic role". Not too shabby!!!!

Plus, the eye candy is pretty damn awesome for those on both teams ;), just sayin'...

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