Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ahhhh... *Urp*

So, I'm feeling better about the whole situation.

I had a nice long (brisk... VERY brisk) walk in the PATH, checked "Get Antivirus software for laptop" off my list, had a Whopper combo (DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!), and am now feeling sweaty, full and content (and maybe a little nauseous... Damn you Burger King... Damn you to hell).

I gotta say, I really love walking in the PATH. Especially at lunchtime. While you have to put up with a few individuals that should have a reflective triangle affixed to their ass, the traffic moves rather swiftly, and it's nice to not have to put on a jacket and tromp through the snow/slush/rain/heat in order to get across the city :). Plus, when you leave your MP3 player at home (Gah), some of the snippets of conversation you catch are pretty interesting... Gripes about co-workers, exercise routines, frustrations at home... It's nice to forget your own worries and catch glimpses of other peoples'.

I now feel adequately small in the grand scheme of things, and feel more confident that J will be just fine in my abscence, and so will S. Life will carry on without me hovering over the 2 of them, and I can jump back on the ride as soon as I return...

If I return.

Just joking.

Kind of.


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  1. I hate leaving my iPod at home ... makes me have to listen to all the gross people on the bus durring my oh-so-lovely commute ... ARG!

    Good luck recovering from the Whopper Coma ;)

    PS - Love the new layout and oh ya, I fixed the comments on my site :)