Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thunder Bay

I'm having a wonderful time on vacation, up here in Thunder Bay!

I left on Thursday afternoon. Hopped on an Air Canada Jazz flight, I'd never flown in such a tiny plane before!! There were only 50 seats! Here's what the plane looked like:

It took off like a BULLET... One second we were taxiing the runway, and the next we were in the air! Kinda took my breath away... The flight was good, and QUICK. It's 16 hours to drive up here, but less than 1.5 hours to fly. All that water gets in the way, I guess.

Here's a shot of Thunder Bay from the Plane:

My hostess, Jaimie, and her friend Jason have been SO accomodating! I've been able to do everything I've wanted to do, and we've seen SO much of the city (and the outskirts).

The first day, I took some shots of "The Sleeping Giant" and then we went to an area on Mission island where, at dusk, deer gather out in the open... They're so tame! It was pretty neat!

Yesterday we visited some of Jaimie's friends - the people are so damn nice up here! -, stopped by the Terry Fox Monument and saw BEAUTIFUL Kakabeka falls - it was all iced over:

Last night we went out on the town, had some bevvies and danced the night away at C2 - it was a tonne of fun! I haven't been out clubbing in AGES, so needless to say a "sleep in" was definitely in order today ;)

Today we went up Mount McKay part of the way - it was really icy, and didn't want to get caught in the ice & deep snow (like another unfortunate guy - who we helped get un-stuck!!! ), and we took Jaimie's puppy for a walk on Lake Superior - yes that's right - WE WALKED ON THE LAKE!!! Crazy, eh?! I was a little apprehensive, until I saw a couple of other people walking out way further than we were!! Here's a shot from the lake:

I've got 50 bajillion other photos, but I won't bore you with them all, right now :) I will say, though, that this little get-away has been so refreshing. It's been so amazing to catch up with my old friend, and to recharge my parental batteries. I'm missing my boys SO MUCH MORE than I thought I would (I mean, I knew I'd miss them, but SRSLY - NEED BBY HUGZ NAO!), and find myself texting S and longing to call so very frequently.

Tonight and tomorrow are jam packed full of places to go, and people to see, so I will - no doubt - have more pics and stories to share! I'll talk to y'all very soon!!

Lotsa luv, K.

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  1. Sounds like your having loads of fun! Good job girl.

    I can remember our drive from TDot to TBay and shit it was LONG (17 hrs with all the needed bathroom and food breaks!!) And yes, all that water fully gets in the way, but the scenery ... unreal! You'll have to take a family road trip back up in the summer, its SO worth it!

    Have fun on the rest of the Momma Only trip :)