Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay, so I'm getting on a plane tomorrow and flying a bazillionty lightyears up north, and I'm not sure what I'm the most freaked out about. Let's see, what are the options?

a> The boy is sick. Icky crusty nose, general crankiness, spitting up mucous, whining for mommy. He's a handful at the best of times, but when he's sick he can be over-the-top clingy, especially at night. When there's 2 of us to switch him off back and forth, it's manageable, but it'll be just S for 3 nights. I'm hoping and praying he feels better.... for S's sanity.

b> I've never flown by myself. Never done the whole "plane" thing alone before. I know it sound like a sucky-baby type of thing to whine about, but the whole thought of going through security and then getting on a big 'ol cage 'o flying steel all by myself is daunting. A few guzzles of wine before the flight might help that, though.

Okay... That's it. Wow, it looks so trivial all typed out in front of me now. It's funny how making lists can help me feel better. OCD much?


I'm sure I'll add another post tomorrow. From the plane, a little tipsy from the wine ;) , all relaxed and such... But it'll be a little bit of a struggle for me to get to that point.



  1. hmmmm ... not sure if my comment got up there or not ....

  2. Don't you worry Mommma! S & J will be fine and you will be more than OK on a plane on your own!

    You & I are so alike ... lists and OCD and all :)

    Have fun in TBay!!

  3. Just editing the 'ol template :)
    The things I do when I'm bored! LOL!