Friday, January 16, 2009

You snooze, you lose...

Well, I missed out on the opportunity... One day too late. Apparently, I should have signed up yesterday...

When I went to the "Ride To Conquer Cancer" website, I read this:

Registration is Closed.
Thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of Ontarians and supporters from all over the region, registration has sold out. We look forward to seeing everyone out on the route!

*Sigh*, it wasn't meant to be, I guess.


  1. Damn! Oh well, there is always the Becel Ride for Heart and the Weekend to End Breast Cancer and lots of other ways you can get involved!

  2. Hey!

    If you really want to do it, get your butt out here and ride with Phil and I from Vancouver to Seattle! June 20-21 ... you got me inspired to do something like this and then yesterday I heard an ad for the BC ride on the radio!