Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sun Sand, Surf and Snow Blindness?

I booked me a vacation! Well, technically, I haven't BOOKED it, and while the term "vacation" usually conjures up images of hawaiian shirts, pina coladas and sunny, sandy shores - this won't be THAT type of "vacation".

I'll be travelling to... Wait for it... Warm, tropical THUNDER BAY!

Now I know what you're thinking. She's lost it. She finally snapped. The endless months of not sleeping, and long, stressful hours at work have taken their toll. She's packin' her bags and takin' the short bus to crazy town.

I haven't lost it, and YES, I do realise that the temperature RIGHT NOW in Thunder Bay is... Hey wait, it's only -12. It's -7 here... That's not too bad!

Here's the thing. Someone really close to me lives in Thunder Bay, and I've been TELLING her and TELLING her I'd come and visit. ALSO, I really need to get away from the everyday stuff. I need to go SOMEWHERE ELSE. And sicnce I'm not made of cash, it has to be somewhere cheap. Like, really cheap.

So yeah, flights to Thunder Bay are really inexpensive (no one wants to go to Thunder Bay in February?! WTF?!), I'll have GREAT company for a few days, and be able to catch up with an old friend (who won't be able to complain anymore that no-one comes to visit - LOL!!!!), and I'll be able to get some R&R.; Something I haven't been able to do in FOREVER.

If you've got any ideas of things to do in TB (even though I know I'll have an awesome tour guide), please let me know! :)

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  1. Only thing I can think of is the Terry Fox memorial. When P and I went there is was really quite moving ... but it was also July and not freaking FEBRUARY!

    Oh you crazy Kimmy! Give Jamie our best :)