Thursday, January 15, 2009

And people think I'm crazy ALREADY!

Okay, so I'm considering something. Something, that if you knew me, you might consider a bit crazy.

Let's start off by saying that I'm not in shape. I get winded running after my 16 month old, and - to be honest - he doesn't really run THAT fast.

Let's also mention that I haven't used my bike in 2 years. Okay, MORE than 2 years. And I've never gone very far on it. 12km MAX.

Okay, now that that's all out of the way. Here's what I'm thinking of doing:

The Ride to Conquer Cancer

Yeah, NUTS, eh?

200km. Holy crap. Yeah, it's broken down into 2 days, but motherofpearl, that's a LOOOOOOOOONG ride. And hills. OMG. Okay... So I'm practically peeing myself just THINKING about it.

But I read this, and it really hit me:

Sure, it sounds like a lot… and it’s meant to be. The conquest of cancer is a monumental task and won’t be easy. But make no mistake, this event isn’t just for athletes or cycling enthusiasts. The Ride to Conquer Cancer is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves for a great cause. Even people who haven’t ridden since they were twelve. All you need is motivation, a bike, and a helmet. The rest is history. Be part of it.

And it put it in perspective. Of COURSE it's a long way, but that's what makes it a big deal. Cancer is a big deal. This disease has hit very close to home for me, VERY close, and here's a chance for me to do something BIG to help get rid of it.

But dude. 200km? OMG.

One part of my brain is going "Dude, you don't get sleep, you haven't rested well in 1.5 years. What makes you think you'll be able to get the TIME or ENERGY to train for this bad-boy? Put down the laptop and go to bed."

The other part of my brain is going "Dude. You can totally do it. You just have to STICK to it. Once you've got it in your head that it's going to happen, you'll follow through. Find the time. Find the energy. Eat right, exercise, train hard, and by June you'll be ready."

Which part to ignore... That's the question... Hmmm...

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  1. I FULLY SUPPORT YOU - All you need is some training, support and determination! Get Steve-o and Jimmy Boy involved too, take them with you when you train and show then that when you put your mind to it, you can do ANYTHING!

    If I can run a 10K, you can do this ... I know you can. I started off very slow in my training for the run, but with P's support we went out every night, stuck to the training scheduled and I finished that bad boy in just over an hour, beating my goal of 90 minutes but a landslide!

    DO IT! I know you will feel so amazing, accomplished, fufilled and proud when you cross that finish line.