Monday, December 29, 2008

Is it bad that I'm kinda sorta happy the holidays are over? Okay, well, not HAPPY they're over, but maybe just a bit "relieved" to be back in some sort of a routine?

I pigged out BIGTIME over the holidays, so my gut is all "LUUUUCY, you have some 'SPLAINING to do!!!!", and I wake up CRAVING carbs. Not just "whole wheat toast & OJ" carbs, but "shortbread cookies & hot chocolate" carbs. So bad. I'm totally taking my mom's advice and freezing some of that holiday goodness, so I won't be so tempted to binge.

Anyhow, yeah, it's kinda nice to be back at work. And there's no-one here (everyone and their brother took the 3 day week off) so it's quiet and post-holiday-rush relaxed. Nice. No really, nice, no sarcasm for once :)

But the first x-mas where J has been aware of his surroundings was super wicked-cool. He opened gifts on his own, and actually was EXCITED and SURPRISED this year! It was so awesome to see such sheer ENJOYMENT of everything. At his age, everything is totally genuine (except the fake laugh he puts on when he's copying S or I laughing at something he doesn't get - LOL!) so it was so cool to have that renewed love of the season :)

Anyhow... In other news...It's obvious that S has had too much MuchMusic time on his hands. I heard him humming a tune I didn't recognize, so I was all "What are you singing?" and he was all "Nothing!" and I was all "Um, no really, it sounds like a catchy tune... What is it?" So he fessed up - reluctuantly... And dude, it *is* a catchy tune! I've been humming it ever since I heard it! But I TOTALLY get why he was all stuttery when I asked him about it... Well, you'll see... Here's the song:


  1. i hear ya sista! i look like a friggen chipmunk now! damn yummies at every corner.

    Jan 1 - I'm back on the wagon, so if you want we can buddy up and do this carb-ban together? I gotta be in a bathing suit in 4 wks! Its go time - LOL!

  2. and from all the awesome pics you took it looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas :) The looks on James in some of the pictures is totaly pricesless.