Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight the Movie: Was I Dazzled?

Here's my Twilight movie review, for anyone who's interested!

**** WARNING *****
There are spoilers below!!!!

I got a pass to an advance screening with my friend, K-A, last night. We both read the entire series and I was 75% through my second reading of Twilight when the lights went down at the theatre. (I know I'm a nerd! LOL!)

The movie started off super promising. Shots of Bella leaving Pheonix, voiceovers from the book. Me likey. The music was equally wonderful, I really liked their choices, the tunes really followed the emotion of the flick from beginning to end.

And I loved a few characters that I really didn't expect to love. Mike Newton was AWESOME (sorry, I'm not really familliar with the actor's names ), and I really didn't like him in the book. Victoria and Rosalie were BANG ON. I really really loved any scene with them in it. And it's really too bad that James had to die in the end because, seriously... EYE CANDY. (Even though it looked like he might have visually based James on Louis/Brad Pitt from Interview With the Vampire a little too much). ALSO, the relationship between Jacob and Billy - so funny, I was pleasantly surprised by the portrayal of both of them! I might be Team Jacob now!!!

SO yeah, that was all good. Along with the sets and scenery, I was very impressed.

But, that's where my... Um.... Being impressed, kinda stopped.

The whole love story was very rushed. You know how in the books, Bella and Edward go through the whole Love/Hate, forbidden love thing for PAGES and PAGES... You think they're never going to kiss, and they finally do... Yadda, yadda, yadda..? Yeah, well, it was seriously pared down. I really didn't feel the INTENSITY between them that I was expecting. The fireworks were there, just smaller and less bright than I'd hoped . Though from the reactions of the teenaged girls in the audience, I was DEFINITELY in the minority in that respect.

And speaking of bright. You know the meadow scene? The one where they take the day and hike out in the woods, then Edward steps out and WOWZA, brilliance? Yeah. Um... Not really there. Well, okay, it was THERE, but once again, no INTENSITY. The scene I was most looking forward to was a dissapointment.

Overall, a good movie. I'll likely see it again, I haven't decided if I'll rent it, or drag HB to the theatre... But I think I built it up so much, that I was bound to be dissapointed. *sigh*

I think it's DEFINITELY going to go over well with the teen fans, but I think the older crowd (over 20) will be disapointed with the lack of... Um... Passion? Desire? I can't really put my finger on the right word.

Okay, okay, I KNOW it's a teen movie (I think it's even PG) but they really could have made it more... Full of LONGING?

Anyhow. It gets 3 out of 5 stars from me. Not dazzled. :(

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