Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, I'm writing you from the comfort of my couch! WOO HOO! No that doesn't mean we've relocated the old Destop PC... I GOT A LAPTOP! I've only been drooling over them and researching specs for... Oh... 3 years now... And, for the price, it's more than halfway decent!

And, I'm finally blogging again. I've got about 4 or 5 draft posts on my dashboard, half thought-out and written from the depths of sleplessness. Maybe I'll post them one day, or maybe not :)

Let's see, what else is up in my neck of the woods... OH, I'm looking forward to the Twilight movie - dude, I'm calling it now... Bigger than Harry Potter. You wait and see. Every where I go I see the books. People on the train are reading them, people in my mommy groups... This Twilight thing is gonna be huge!!!!

And bigger OH!, I'm gonna be on TV! I'm getting a makeover on the "Mom Show!" I'm estatic! The PA came to my house today to take my measurements (and, no doubt, to double check the location...). The crew will be shooting at my place on Sunday, and then we'll be in the Salon on Monday. I seriously can't wait. It's been a long time since I got pampered like that! Um... Maybe NEVER! LOL! I can't wait to give full creative control of my hair over to a great stylist! I'm nervous about how I'll end up looking, but I have faith that they won't mess me up! :)


  1. So exciting - New toys and a whole new look. I am gonna bet the farm that they cut and colour you into a posh do that will suit you so well! Do you get to go on a shopping spree too?

  2. Nope, no shopping spree, but the stylist will be bringing 2 outfits to my place on Sunday, and I'll be choosing one to keep! Shoes included!!!!!! Woo! Best early Christmas present EVER!