Saturday, August 2, 2008

Initiation passed...

I think I've now passed the Parental Rite of Initiation.

When your child is puking down your back, again, for the 5th time that evening, and you're not thinking about your shirt, or how little sleep you're going on, or when you'll get BACK to sleep, or if it'll come out of the carpet, or if he got it on the swaddling blanket, or "ew, that's really warm.", but you're thinking "Was that the WHOLE bottle of milk, or just half? I should probably make another bottle..." THEN, I think you're a full fledged parent. And the clincher is, you're thinking it with complete clarity - as if you've just had 12 hours of sleep and a whole jug of Pepsi Max, instead of 1/2 a rushed dinner and a couple of minutes nap on the couch.

To top it all off, when he falls asleep, you sigh and run your fingers through his hair and think, "He's such a good kid, I think I'll keep him." :)

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