Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well bust my buttons...

...Guess what was just "shipped"? (I say "shipped" cuz I won't truly believe it until I see it...)

A pair of iPhone 4's.

Hmm.... Isn't that iiiiinteresting... ;)


  1. Dare I ask ... has it arrived yet?

  2. They've arrived, & there's nothing wrong with them! YAY! S has been playing with his non-stop, I've never seen him check his email this much. EVER.

  3. yaaaa!! I guess I best start sending him some emails :) Can you email me the details on the way you guys out out from Rogers? I want to try and worm my way out of my Bell contract and out here Telus is trying to buy out contracts so I want IN on that if I can.