Tuesday, November 30, 2010


OMG. Waiting. It kills me.

I really thought that I was becoming a little more patient, but, it appears that I have totally lost any patience I've gained within the past few years.

Also, lies. They kill me too.

The short story is this:
  • We ordered our iPhones from Telus on the 19th (renewing our contracts with a "Friends & Family" discount)
  • We were told 3-5 business days for delivery
  • A week passed, no phones
  • We called to find out why and were told there is no inventory in the warehouse. It should be sent out soon.
  • Heard from a friend (new Telus client) that her iPhone was sent out yesterday - they told her there was a lot of inventory.
  • Called Telus again saying "WTF???" We were told that there are 2 warehouses, 1 for new clients, 1 for renewing clients. The new clients' warehouse is full, the renewing one? Not so much. Oh, and it'll be another 4 weeks for delivery.
  • Told Telus Worker Friend about wait, she said she'd talk to someone for me.
  • "Someone" called and said they'd look into the situation for us, what the inventory looked like, and where we were on "the list" (???)
  • That was Saturday, still no call. Calling "Someone" goes straight to voicemail.
At this point, I'm ready to switch ALL our services to Rogers. And I know, I know... Another big corp. is no better, but seriously, I feel like chopped liver with Telus mobility. As I mentioned, that's the SHORT story, and it really ain't short. (I fully left out the part where a CSR told us that she'd put a note on our file and that we could go to a store and pick up our phones with our discount, sent S to the store, had the phones activated, then told him "Nope, you have to wait for delivery, there is no note on your file." DE-activated the phones and sent him home... OMG, and there's more but I want to punch something just thinking about it!!!!!)

It really sucks that loyalty means squat. You'd think that a company would want to retain old customers at the same time as raking in new ones, but it really doesn't look like it.

Ah well, I'm very close to my breaking point with Telus Mobility. They're going to have to make some iPhones materialize SOON, or it's off to Rogers we go - Cable, internet & cellular. Although I have a funny feeling that they don't give a crap.


  1. Brutal. Just brutal. They are all the same. Bell treats me like garbage and I have been on contract with them for almost 10 years!!!!! I tried to buy my way out of my contract when I got back in October and they wanted almost $300 for 18 months ... never. So I am stuck with them ... but do have a new shiny BB Curve so that sort of makes me happy.

  2. Man, it sucks eh? I remember when companies would do anything to keep customers! (That makes me sound old eh? LOL! "In my day...")