Monday, October 26, 2009


So a quick update for all y'all :)

In my first week, I lost 3 pounds. I attribute most of that to the illness that plagued me for the first half, but I guess SOME of it could've been due to better food choices! :)

I fell off the wagon HARD this weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if I maintain or even gain this week based on the weekend alone. I couldn't resist the mini muffins I baked for J (full fat, loaded with buttermilk, banana & blueberries - because unlike his mother he actually NEEDS all that calorie-laden goodness). Oh, and what did I do to NOT feel guilty about taking food out of my (picky) son's mouth? I baked more.


But then I buckled down. Made a meal plan for the week, and went shopping for good (for me) food.

I'll weigh in on Friday and (fingers crossed) won't gain anything!!!


  1. No worries momma, your still off to a good start :). Buttermilk muffins could have been worse - don't beat yourself up!

    I have good new too: I'm down 4 lbs in week one :) I am attributing that to my mini cleansing and kicking sugar, wheat, coffee and most dairy to the curb.

    It wz a bit hard at first but I am feeling so good now that I think its gonna be the new way for me.

    Also added in a B12 complex vitamin to help those fat cells take a hike

  2. Vitamin B12, you say? Hmmmm, interesting. Must do some research on this :)