Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The duality of parenthood

It's so absolutely amazing, this parenthood thing. So full of polar opposites.

When things are good, they're really really good. And when things are bad they are horrid.

Okay, for example, when your child starts sleeping through the night on a regular basis, OMG. It's like heaven opened up and a piece of it fell in your lap. Angels are singing, birds are chirping, you can take on anything! Then your sweet child gets sick and OMG. 7th level of hell. There's the raging fever, the worries; "OMG, should I medicate? Shouldn't I medicate? He can't breathe. OMG HE CAN'T BREATHE! He's puking. Oh great. Oh no. How do I get more fluid into him while managing to NOT PUKE myself? THANK GOD he's asleep. OMG he's up AGAIN. How can a child survive on 1.5 hours sleep!?"

And then, after NOT SLEEPING from 1am-5am, your sick child awakens for the day at the crack of 6:00, right as rain, comes running into your room saying "Moommmyyy.... Where AAAAARE you?", climbs into your bed (elbows you in the boob by accident), cuddles into you, looks you straight in the eye and says ever-so-softly "I yuv you mummy."

And that's it.

Your heart melts, you tear up, and you smile. It's like heaven opened up and a piece of it fell in your lap. And that angel you hear is yours. Your piece of heaven.


  1. aw, that was beautiful. thanks for making me cry xoxo