Thursday, October 15, 2009


Dammit. I've been SLACKING large. I've been eating crap and not caring, and it's really started to show. My pants are getting uncomfortably tight and the clothes that were really loose on me when I started back at work after maternity leave are fiiting. Perfectly.


So, accountability time.

I've gained almost 15 pounds BACK. I said it would never happen, but it totally did.

I'm not ready to disclose how much I weigh, QUITE yet. But admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right?


My name is K, and I am a food-o-holic.

From now until Christmas, I will try to get back to where I was a little over a year ago. 15 pounds lighter. That means eating properly, no more late night snacking, and limiting my carbs to small portions of rice, whole grains, fruits or milk. (Carbs are my downfall. I could live off them, and they go STRAIGHT to my gut. No lie.)

No sweets. No chips. No crap until Christmas.

*SIGH* It's going to be a tough 2 months, but I've done it once, and I can do it again :)


  1. **HUGZ**

    Girl, admitting it is the HARDEST part ... I know you've read my blog and I am right there with ya ... GAH is right.

    I also have a 15 lb goal for Christmas so lets aim to do it together! We are strong women, we can conquer these food issues.

    I know I eat because I am unhappy and stressed and its basically self medicating ... its an ugly truth but I have only just recently admitted it. That and I used to smoke the Mary Jane a LOT. Haven’t hit the bong since August!

    And I'll take the first step for you: I WEIGH 135 LBS - That’s overweight by 8 lbs according to my BMI (safe range is 97 - 127 for my height of only 5'0)

    I am aiming to be 120 before 2010 starts ...

  2. Okay, so here I go.

    I stepped on the scale this morning and nearly choked. I now weigh 157. (TECHNICALLY, 156.5, but I'm rounding up. EEK.)

    Last year, I remember seeing 142 on the scale. That's when I felt my best. That's when I was happy with how I looked and felt. THAT'S where I want to get again.

    I just checked my BMI, and I'm in the overweight range. 142 will bring me nicely into the normal range.

    So 15 pounds it is. ACK!

  3. That took guts girlfriend. Good for you!

    At my heaviest I weighed in at a whopping 161 lbs. On a 5 foot drame I was basically a ball. Gut was bigger than tits and that is just wrong!

    At my smallest I was 112 lbs but that was super tiny and all stemmed from chain smoking and stress. I was a total skinny fat. Thin but weak as a twig.

    I was my happiest at 120 which is where I was in 2007 when I moved to B.C.

    Then I quit smoking and proceeded to gain almost 20 lbs over the last 2 years. I shed 10 earlier this year but it came right back when I fell of the food wagon and started hitting the bong. Hello munchies :(

    Now the goal is to shed the 15 I still have hanging around but in all reality so long as - can fit into the goal pants again I'll be stoked, no matter what the scale tells me.

    My trainer tells me I have lost almost 15 inches since April and that's awesome to me. If I lose inches and gain muscle who cares what the scale tells me.

    Here's to the new and healthy us's


  4. hey lady, how the battle going? keep strong momma - YOU CAN DO IT!

  5. Thanks lady! The battle is going well! I maintained my weight this week, but my pants are getting looser :) Always a good sign! :D

    I've just been so busy with work and home stuff I haven't been able to update!

    How's things on your end?