Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let me gaze into my crystal ball...

I try to avoid horoscopes because they freak me out sometimes.

As much as I'd love to know some tidbits about my future, there are undoubtedly other things I don't want to have forewarning about. Hence why I usually steer clear of psychics and tarot cards and all that stuff.

But I read them today (for yesterday, and for today) and yesterday's was BANG ON.

Monday, I was in a foul mood. I was in a big 'ol funk about everything with finances and the ever-so-ominous "FUTURE" topping the pile. I had a mini-meltdown last night before bed and woke up with puffy eyes and a moderate amount of residual funk. I get into states like that, from time to time (I'm sure we all do) and they tend to work themselves out after a while.

So yeah, here's the horoscope from yesterday:
The angst or drama you are now experiencing about your future is good. This is merely a point of comparison so that when the sun starts to shine again, as soon it will, you will truly see the extent to which you have been helped and blessed by a kind cosmos.

Here's today's:
Life is a delicate balancing act between the things we think we want and the things we really need. You find yourself wrestling with a tougher dilemma than usual. But it all works out well in the end. In some ways, it works out brilliantly.

So who thinks I should buy a lottery ticket today... Anyone, anyone? ;)

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