Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This site is absofuckinlutely hilarious: http://www.lets-panic.com/

It's a tongue in cheek  "mom site" for moms-to-be and those with kids.

Holy hell, it's damn funny.

I love this "It really happened" story:
Like most intelligent professional women, I always imagined that, if I chose to have progeny, I could outsource most of the child-raising to experienced professionals, keeping my distance from the child until she outgrew her need for hugs and breast milk. Imagine my surprise when I took little Avery home and my first words to the baby nurse were not, “Wake me when it’s time for preschool” but, “DON’T YOU TOUCH MY BABY.” Before I knew what had happened, I metamorphosed into an engorged, sopping mass of cloying maternal affection. I built a nest underneath the deck with my old tax returns, and there I lived with my precious baby, feeding and weeping, feeding and weeping. Finally the exorcist my office hired came for me. Now I realize that breastfeeding put me under the spell of “hormones,” which is really just another word for Satan. Thank you, formula!

-Rouenna Dietrich, age 35, Greenwich CT

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