Thursday, September 11, 2008

Testing, testing...

Okay, so I know you're sick of hearing about my return to work, but TOUGH NOOGS, I'm posting about it yet again.

Today is Test Day Numero Uno. J is off to Nana's for the day, and I'm getting prepped for Monday. He'll be there again tomorrow, and then I'll be getting everything ready for his b-day party on Saturday.

Things went relatively smooth this morning. Dropped him off, had only a minor freak-out (me, not J), and drove down to the train to grab my pass. Ah, commuting, how I haven't missed thee. I'd forgotten how inconsiderate commuters can be, especially before/during their morning coffee. I parked and walked over to the ticket booth. Even though I felt VERY out of place - unwashed, in grubby clothes, hair pulled back into a messy ponytail - I watched the people running for the train in clicky shoes, carrying work bags, and stuffing Nutrigrains into their coffee-holes and was comforted that I'd be doing that on Monday. It's a life I'm used to. A familliar pace.

I also have to admit, it was nice to feel the brisk, fall air on my face. I swore I could smell freshly sharpened pencils, and in the distance, hear the sound of new books cracking down the spine and chairs being pulled across classroom floors. I was the weird kid that LOVED back to school. New shoes, new teacher, new room. Old friends, old scoolyard, old routine. Good times.

Okay, well that's enough reality for the day, I'm back in yoga pants, and off to have a nap. Baby steps... Baby steps... ;)

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