Thursday, May 8, 2008

YAY! Gardening!

I may be just a big dork, but the feeling that comes from growing sh!t in my garden (and not subsequently killing it a few days later) is AWESOME!

I've sucessfully grown a seedling from a red pepper seed I cut out of a pepper with my own 2 hands! Hopefully I didn't transplant it outdoors too soon, cuz I'm so impressed that I could actually grow it. I feel all pioneerish and such ;)

I also went out and bought a few flowers (geraniums, snapdragons - my fav flower, some creepers to put in a hanging pot) and a STRAWBERRY PLANT! I totally can't wait to grow some juicy strawberries!!!!!!!! YAY!

Okay. I *am* a big dork - LOL!

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