Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Okay, so I've been away for... Um... A bit. :)

But I'm back now! YAY! PARTY!! Balloons! Confetti! A BIG cake with a fondant me on it, waving!

I really needed to take a break from the interwebs. My appetite for message boards and social networks and bloggers/blogging/all things blog related was really detracting from my real life. You know, the one with people instead of avatars and the sun, grass and air and such.

I started backing away from the computer earlier this year, and then lent came around and I was all like "Hey! An idea is forming in my head about interwebs and lent..." and my Muslim train-buddy was all like "Hey! Why don't you give up the internet for lent!" And I was all like "Hey, what a great idea! WAIT A MINUTE. Why is a Muslim giving me ideas about what to give up for lent?" Turns out, she was right - it WAS a great idea and it really helped me re-connect with the important people in my life - which was why she suggested it in the first place, so props to her for that! I'll be going to her again next year for my next lenten sacrifice - I hope she doesn't say ice-cream. ;)

I can't promise I'll be a regular blogger again (work is busy, home is busy, LIFE is busy) but I can promise to post whenever I can form coherent thoughts (40% of the time) and get to a computer for an extended period of time to write them down (20% of the time).

So hey y'all, what's new?!?!?! :)

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