Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doubles Vision

You know how I know that summer is around the corner? La Limonada is open!!!! I gots me some juicy doubles!!!!!!! WOO!!!

For those of you going "Wha? Huh? What has she been smoking?", I'll explain.

Doubles are wicked awesome little sandwiches from heaven. No lie. They're curried chick peas (channa), mixed with spicy chutney and a little bit of pepper sauce for a kick, sandwiched between two fried flatbreads known as "bara". Bara are like a cross between crepes and naan, and are so freakin' delicious I can barely stand it.

If you want some doubles done right, you have to go to La Limonada in Toronto, ON. The people are the nicest people ever and every item on their menu (note: doubles especially) is delicious and inexpensive.

While you're there (FYI: the "Sloppy Jerk" is supposed to be really good as well) grab a freshly squeezed lemonade, it's the perfect compliment to their spicy dishes :)

Can't. Talk. Longer. Must. Eat. Doubles.

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