Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Never thought it was possible... AKA: "Them"

I just finished Day #6 of the 30 day shred!!!!!!!!

I went from smelling okay to barnyard animal in 20 minutes. ICK! Shower time!!!

Oh, and I've been pretty sick the past couple of days (I even had to skip a day... Asthma acting up, viciously sore throat, etc. etc...), but I totally feel better after I work out. I didn't think it was possible. Then again, the most exercise I got before shredding was walking up my stairs.

I totally see what "people who exercise" do it for. I'm becoming one of them.

Those who are dying to say "told you so", can go ahead. I totally get it. TOTALLY.

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo! Another exercise convert :)

    Tell me you don't feel like you can take on the world when your done? Okn fine you may be a bit tired, but with all that blood pumping and endorphins flowing ... Ah! I get an almost "high" feeling after sweating it out at the gym.

    So stoked to have another member of the club :)

    Way to go Momma