Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Goal Update!

Well, I'm thismuch closer to My Goal! I can actually get the dress on and done up!

The number on the scale isn't really changing, but the shape of my body definitely has. I've lost inches and have toned muscles. I also have WAY better endurance during the cardio portions of my workout, and have had fewer asthma attacks as well.

Hopefully I can stick with the program and complete the 30 days :) It's definitely proven its worth!!!!


  1. Stick with it - look how fantastic it makes you feel. Why give that up? You deserve to feel amazing.

    Don't quit!

    Make it a regular part of your life, not jst a phase so that you fit in a dress cuz once you stop, its game over. You have to enshrine it into you life, make the commitment to be a healthy and inspiring Mom!

    The benefits of an active lifestyle and eating properly far outweigh any reason to give it up.

    Keep doing it for you and your family and everyone else you care about! Xoxo

  2. No worries, no intention on giving up! Glad to have a cheeleader in my corner tho :) !!!!! How's your workout regime goin'?

  3. Give me a K, Give me an I, Give me an M ... what’s that spell - KIM!

    Always sending positive vibes to my girl!

    All is going well, had my last set of measurements with my trainer last week and the numbers blew me away. I knew that things were going well but to see it on paper was fantastic. Never thought Id see 27 as my waist measurement but that’s what it was! Arms are the same; calf’s the same (the evil bain of my existence the fat calf!) but hips, butt, waist and chest all down BIG!

    Still aiming for my goal of 110 but no deadline, just sticking to 3 days a week at the gym getting my cardio and all my super sets in and sweating like a pig.

    Can’t wait to see you guys next week! Are you gonna wear the dress to our dinner? It’s so pretty ... I don’t know what to wear? I was thinking new jeans, a flowy black tunic and my purple boots ... but I really want to bust out my sparkly silver tank too ... Ah the dilemmas - LOL

  4. Dude... sparkly silver tank? Um, how could you NOT wear it! I can't wait for our get together either - it's gonna be a blast!!!! And I'm totally going to wear the dress :) If it's not too dressy ;)

  5. So how's it going momma?

    Still Shredding? I see more and more people shredding on Facebook now, its contagious!
    Me, well I fell off the wagon hard over the holidays with a retarded amount of booze and cookie consumption (everyone, yourself included missy *thaxz* made me tons of crazy yummy vegan baked goods - damn you all!), so its time to get back to it and get seroius.

    Luckly I didn't gain at all (truly shocking!) and everything still fits, but I have a 25lb goal to hit before June 10th. Totally doable.

    Here's looking and feeling like a milion bucks in 2010!