Thursday, October 1, 2009


There's been a lot happening (you know, like life and stuff) so I haven't been able to write up a legitimate post in the longest time. Sorry about that, dudes.

It seems every time I sit down to get my thoughts into my computer, the world revolts against me. The toddler wakes up, clothes scream to be washed, ironed, put away, my show is on, my work program un-freezes... Yadda, yadda yadda, I'm really tired today.

The other day, I was so torn in every direction, I missed lunch entirely (something I never do, cuz I mean it's LUNCH. Yanno, the FUN meal. I mean, I sometimes have to eat it at my desk, but I don't miss it ENTIRELY. Well, apparently, I DO...)

I love September er... October (Shit, it's October, isn't it?). The crisp cool air, the fall clothes, etc. I even posted about my Autumn Love last year... But it's crazy, especially when you have kids that have stuff starting in September, like swimming and gym class. At work, it's pretty crazy this time of year, too (Fall launches, etc.), so everywhere I turn it's GO GO GO!

Our PVR isn't feeling left out, either. It's been working overtime with the crazy amount of wicked programs we've been taping (how old am I? Taping? Really?). I already had my schedule full with True Blood (what a wicked, and seriously twisted, show), then Dexter started up again. Add Entourage and Californication to the mix and you'd already have too much to watch. But there's more! Being Erica is getting really good, How I Met Your Mother never fails to make me laugh, and then there's a bunch of new shows - Mercy, Flashforward, Modern Family. OMG, people, I watch way too much TV. Needless to say, some of my favs have been dropped (I'm 4 episodes behind where I should be in Entourage, and I haven't seen the new season of Californication), and I'm still not finished the 2nd Season of True Blood (and FTR, I'm hating the whole Maryanne storyline, I'm just watching to see someone kill her off... And maybe to see some more of Eric... RWAR! LOL!)

So with the TV schedule, the running to classes, the day-to-day grind, I'm seriously wiped. It's no wonder I've caught a nasty bug (and so has J, which sucks even MORE).

I'm just hoping that if I get called for an interview, (oh yeah, I didn't mention that I applied for another job, did I? It's a pretty kick-ass job... But more that later...), that they won't look at me and go "Who invited infecto?" and be all "Yeah, don't call us, we'll call you."

That would suck.

But anyhow, I must get back. It's already super late and I have a tonne more work to do before I leave so I'll post again. Hopefully sometime this month - Hey, it's the 1st, I've got a lot of time ;)


  1. busy - busy! Sista, I hear that! i have no kiddies (as you know), but with school & work, plus gym time ,general household needs like you say, laundry and ironing and that pesky making of breakfast/lunch/dinner business and oh ya, SLEEPING - I AM BEAT!

    I havent had a day off since AUGUST and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to my mow 3rd Annual Turkey Wknd in Whistler next wk ... mucho needed day at the spa awates me at the Weston *bliss*

    Take 5 for your self Momma, go get a mani or even just a nice, long QUIET coffee break st Starbuckers with a good break ... you more than deserve it

    And SPILL about the new job prospects - EXCITING!


  2. EDIT ** Take 5 for your self Momma, go get a mani or even just a nice, long QUIET coffee break st Starbuckers with a good BOOK … you more than deserve it

  3. True dat. I'm totally going for a nice long walk when the boy is in bed tonight :)