Friday, June 12, 2009


Untitled-Grayscale-06I've spent the past 20 minutes sighing over a bunch of pictures a blogger took during her recent trip to Paris.

My heart aches to go visit, again. There are a few places in this world that I'm inexplicably drawn to, and Paris is right there at the top. Maybe it was the timing of my first trip - 4 months into dating a sweet boy I now call my husband. It was a trip full of holding hands and giggling like idiots. We wandered all around the city, sans tour-guide, with only an out of date map and our own minimal knowledge of the place to lead us. It was perfect.

I'd love to go back and see the city with my older eyes. To sit on a terrace at night, drinking (and appreciating) wine and eating cheese. I'd love to walk hand in hand along the path to the Eiffel Tower with S and try to find that tree we carved our initials into. There's a laundry list of things I want to see, things I only heard about after I came home.

One day... One day...


  1. I was in Paris for about 6 hours. I saw a scooter cut off a massive speeding bus, among a couple other crazy things, before meeting up with Dan from work for a pint and a snack. I can imagine spending an entire year there and only experiencing a fraction of the city.

  2. Ah Paris ... I hope to get there next summer while on my Global adventure from New Zeland to Africa!