Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dark Escape

I forgot how much I absolutely love NIN. The raw sound of their music. The blatant rage and exposed nerves... It's such a change from what I usually find myself drawn to. The complete opposite, really.

Everyone has a dark room deep down inside, especially the quiet, happy people. It's cold, dimly lit, musty and sparsely furnished. Every now and again you just need to take a break from the shiny, happy rainbows and lollipops of everyday life and take a walk down that long sterile hallway to the old, creaky door at the end. You crack the door open, slip inside, take a deep breath of damp, heavy air and scream your fucking brains out.

That's what NIN is for me. My dark escape.

I'm SO stoked to go see them live tonight. SO. STOKED. Oh yeah, and did I mention JANE'S ADDICTION?

I'm electric with excitement. No lie.

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