Monday, April 27, 2009


Not feeling especially chatty, just chillin' and reading some blog posts.

I especially liked this one from Talea, tonight:
I feel so alive and human in warm weather and specifically warm nights. Living in a cold climate for a good chunk of the year, you don’t take tolerable temperatures forgranted. Personally, I don’t feel very human-like when trudging through calf-deep snow, getting pelted by angry snowflakes and having your eyelashes freeze shut. Something about that just puts a damper on life, you know?

Warm nights have so much freedom to me. I remember spilling many a secret on a warm summer night, feeling unusually comfortable and sure of things in the dark and the heat. There’s just no rush, to get in before it’s cold, or before your extremities go numb. Time stands still. I love it.

Years and years ago, one of the first times the boyfriend came out to Saskatchewan with me, we drove out to the middle of nowhere. We climbed onto the roof of the car and just lied there, talking for hours, staring at the stars. And it was EXACTLY the temp that it is tonight, I swear.

It reminds me of camping as a kid, when we were allowed to stay up late with the grownups and poke at the fire. It reminds me of entire months where there was no school, no dance class, no alarms, no homework. It reminds me of grade 8, where I walked around the block with my first serious crush at the school play afterparty. It reminds me of drunken nights spent on Toronto patios. It reminds me of silence for some reason, which I love.


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