Thursday, March 12, 2009


Fell alseep on the train this morning... Full on passed out, too.

I knew I shouldn't have put "Achtung Baby" on my MP3 player, dammit. If it were any unfamiliar album, or even a familiar bunch of songs on shuffle, the unpredictability of the playlist would have jolted me awake at one point or another... But no, good 'ol "Achtung"...

So yeah, all of a sudden, during "Love is Blindness" I snort myself awake (classy, I know) and I'm at the end of the line, the train is empty, and the conductor is droning "This train will be leaving in 2 minutes."


Seriously, though? Everyone's filing out of the train and you pass by some chick head back, mouth open, SNORING, with a little bit of drool rolling down her cheek, and you're all "Nah, I should just let her sleep..." ?!?!?! You'll hip check your grandma to get ON the train FIRST, but you won't "accidentally" nudge someone when EVERYONE IN THE TRAIN IS LEAVING?

Anyhow. I got up and off the thing JUST in time, and THANKFULLY my stop is at the END of the line... But good LORD. I need my train buddy back. LOL!

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  1. I have done that too, but each time made it a bit farther than the last - 1st time I got all the way to Georgetown & the 2nd was Maple!! I knew I saw screwed when I good old Canada's Wonderland in the distance ;) People are jerks!