Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You take the good, you take the bad...

Well, yesterday was sobering. My Oma died. I mean, it wasn't a complete shock that it actually happened, she was 92, and her health wasn't the best. But it really blindsided everyone. One minute she's enjoying a BBQ with neighbours, the next minute she's on a hospital bed breathing her last breath.

I've never seen someone die. In person. Right in front of my eyes. I did yesterday. It wasn't frightening or gruesome or anything, like I expected it to be. She died peacefully. It's just so sad. I cried a lot, and I suspect I'll cry a lot more.

I loved my Oma to bits.

She was a little kooky, she LOVED to laugh, she was a practical jokester. She loved her grankids - Me, Big J, Little P, and she spoiled us rotten. If we ever wanted anything and our parents wouldn't get it for us, Oma surely would. She let me eat a whole tub of gummy worms once, just 'cuz I wanted to! I regretted it later, but I think that might have been her way of teaching me a lesson in moderation - LOL!

And she loved her great-grandkids. She always asked about J. I'm trying not to let regrets haunt me, but I really wish I had brought him over more. Her face lit up when she'd see him.

It's so weird talking about her in the past tense. It doesn't seem real.

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  1. oh sweetheart ... my deep condolences. it sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your Oma and I am sure that she will be forever watching over you and your loved ones