Thursday, August 21, 2008

All's well...

As my time off is coming near an end, all loose ends seem to be tying themselves into fine little knots!

As quite a few of you, who are near and dear to me, know, S has been unemployed for quite a while now due to a variety of reasons. Health problems have been at the forefront, followed by lack of contracting at his previous job, and then rounding out third was my need to have him home with me at the beginning of our parenthood gig. Well, I'm proud to state that he is now employed (knock wood) and is cheerfully pulling in 9 hour days at a very decent paying place! I've gotta say, that while it was nice having him home all this time, it's much nicer to pay down our debt! Plus, S is happy to get out and work as well - and seeing him happy makes me happy too!

Following this (wicked-awesome) development was the news that my mum will be caring for J full time for 6 months when I, too, go back to work! He'll be 18 months when that term is up, and will be eligible for "toddler" programs at the local daycares (up until 18 months, most places deem the kids as "infants", and hence charge ASTRONOMICAL "infant" prices). So in addition to his care being cheaper at that time, I think he'll be more ready, developmentally, to join a centre (he's still iffy on finger foods, and good napping habits haven't been established yet).

So yeah! I'm deliriously relieved about those 2 things :), they were weighing heavily on my mind, and now I can focus on awesome things like planning J's first birthday, and where I'm going to find those 3 inch red stilettos I want to buy... What? ;)

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